Dr. Marty Makary makes case against masks for children

Opinion by Tim Jones

One of the worst symbols of the leftist lunacy and virtue signaling that has swept across the globe over the past 20 months or so is the dreaded coronavirus cloth mask. 

Somehow, likely with the assistance of the corrupt corporate media and a current White House administration that has a message that is clear as mud as best on anything and everything related to Covid-19, “THE MASK” has somehow been granted some sort of silly, otherworldly superpower that it does not deserve. 

The very well-known Dr. Marty Makary, whose credentials I would put up against “Flip-Flop” Fauci any day, did an extensive and rather deep dive into the actual data, science, and most importantly, health effects, that masks have, especially as relates to our most precious treasure and that which will be the future of our great nation, our children.  The article is fascinating and well worth the read.

Read Dr. Marty Makary’s essay HERE.

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