How to Listen

NewsTalkSTL is everywhere!

NewsTalkSTL is on your radio at 101.9FM, 94.1FM, and 99.1 HD3. Pick the one that comes in best for you depending on your location!

In general, 101.9FM comes in great in St. Louis and Illinois Metro areas. 94.1FM covers St. Charles county and well beyond (from Hannibal to Kingdom City to Washington, Mo), and 99.1 HD3 covers everywhere in and around the Greater St. Louis area if you have an HD Radio!

Plus, we’re always available via streaming on our website, via our Alexa Smart Speaker Skill, and our mobile Apps for iPhone and Android smartphone users!

To stream the station live, CLICK HERE.

To listen via Amazon Alexa, just activate our ALEXA Skill by telling Alexa “Enable NewsTalk S-T-L” or enable it via your Alexa APP. Then, just tell Alexa…“Play NewsTalk S-T-L” it’s that simple. Or CLICK HERE.

To listen, say: “Alexa, PLAY News Talk S.T.L. after you have enabled our Alexa skill.
To listen on Google Home, say, “Google, PLAY News Talk S.T.L.” or “Play One oh One point Nine St. Louis

To listen via TuneIn, CLICK HERE. (Don’t forget to favorite us)

To listen via My Tuner Radio, CLICK HERE.

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