Stand & Fight with Nick Schroer

Sunday nights: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

The founding principles of our great country are under attack – targeted by progressive left-wing politicians from within, and by globalist opportunists from without. This is a war for the future of America, and Nick Schroer is ready to stand and fight.

Since 2017, Nick has been an active champion for conservative causes, and over the course of his six years as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, he’s proven time and time again that he means what he says.

As a State Rep, he passed the nation’s strongest pro-life protections (Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act), protected law enforcement (Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights), passed numerous laws to protect and give assistance to military veterans, increased criminal penalties for violent criminals and fentanyl traffickers, and used all of the legislative powers at his disposal to help maintain law and order in Missouri.

Now a newly elected Missouri State Senator, the beat goes on.

Join Nick and his crew of “Conservatarians” every Sunday night at 8:00pm on NewsTalkSTL as they discuss and – in an always entertaining fashion – address the issues currently impacting our state and our nation.

Together we can save this shining city on the hill!