Viral video blames California’s minimum-wage increase for McDonald’s $25 “deal”

Tony Colombo, Colombo & Katie

A TikTok video posted in California on March 27th, days before the state’s fast food minimum wage increase, sparked debate about the new law after showing a “deal” being offered by a local McDonald’s.  

The video was shot in the drive-thru of a Southern California McDonald’s and is about their $25 “shareable” meal deal which offers a 40-piece Chicken McNuggets, and two large fries for $25.39 or approximately $27 after tax.  

In the video, TikTok user @shannon_montipaya says, “OK, so it’s $25.39 for 40-piece nuggets and two large fries. You couldn’t even throw in the Sprite?” 

The meal is advertised to serve four people but shows how much prices at the fast-food chain have risen in recent years. The financial website, FinanceBuzz, recently conducted a study that shows that McDonald’s prices have increased by 100% since 2014!  They report that ten years ago the average price of a 10-piece McNugget meal was $5.99. Now the average price is $10.99.

I consulted my DoorDash app to see how the prices in California compared to us here in STL, and it wasn’t even close. My local McDonalds has the same deal, 40 nuggets and 2 large fries, for $17. $10 cheaper than the “deal” in the video! – But wait, there’s more – We do have a deal that is almost the exact same price as the one featured in the video…

Remember, before tax, 40 nuggets and 2 fries is $25.39 in California. Our McDonald’s has a meal for $25.26, its… 40 nuggets… 4 fries… and 4 drinks! 

Case closed. 

On behalf of parents and fast-food customers (and employees that want to keep their jobs), DON’T BRING THE $20 MINIMUM WAGE HERE!!