Some WashU professors sign a petition defending 9/11 vandalism on campus

Opinion by Mike Ferguson

Dozens of the faculty members, several student groups, and hundreds of others at Washington University signal their anger about this past weekend’s destruction of a memorial to honor those killed in the 9-11 terrorist attacks.
Well, kind of.

They’re not upset that a student was caught taking the flags and carrying them off in trash bags. Each flag represented one person killed by the terrorists that awful day.

They’re angry with people angry at the vandalism. Wanting the vandal to be held accountable for destroying someone else’s memorial MUST be racism and Islamaphobia, right?

The memorial was set up by the WashU campus Republicans as part of a national Young America’s Foundation project. On this morning’s show, we heard from YAF’s Kara Zupkus about the vandalism, the anti-American statement by the student (Fadal Alkilani), the University’s response, and the anti-American petition & statement by those who support Alkilani.

I know, it’s a lot to keep up with. It would have been easier if the student had just respected others’ right to honor the dead.

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