HR 1 legislation is being resurrected this September

Opinion by Chris Arps

It’s baaaaack! And I’m not talking about Covid 19! The Democrats defeated HR1 legislation, better known as the “For the People Act,” is being resurrected this September like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies.

During the debate on this legislation, Texas Senator Ted Cruz appropriately renamed this legislation the “For the Corrupt Politicians Act.” Not only would this unconstitutional bill federalize all elections, it would also include public financing for campaigns.

I’ve said it for weeks now, but I truly believe the Democrats are going to use Covid to attempt to shut the economy down again. This will give them the cover they need to borrow, print, and spend trillions of more dollars on entitlement programs. The Democrats understand that once the American people are given an entitlement, it is very difficult to take it away from them. 

Either the Supreme Court will protect it, in the case of  Obamacare, or the entitlement becomes entrenched in the American Psyche as a fundamental right. A good example is The New Deal Era entitlement program, Social Security. 

Democrats also want to shut the country down again so they can institute mail-in Balloting which many believe, including me, resulted in massive election fraud last fall. I have no doubt that when this legislation is debated next month on the Senate floor and discussed and written about in the mainstream liberal media, COVID 19 will be front and center and will be the reason why HR1 needs to be signed into law by the President immediately. 

All of this is is of course predicated on the Democrats’ belief that “We The People” will allow them to once again quarantine us and destroy our jobs and businesses. My belief in rugged American individualism tells me this will not be the case and two recent examples give me hope. 

One is the defeat of a mask mandate in liberal Columbia, Mo on Monday night. The other development that gives me hope is the defeat of the mask mandate last night in St. Louis County. The People seem to be following The Science. Something our leaders should take note of. 

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